Plebe Summer 2015 Video Highlights (Class of 2019)

USNA Class of 2019 Plebe Summer – official video

Class of 2019 Plebe Summer

The Class of 2019 made it through Plebe Summer – Parents Weekend is over and the Brigade reforms next week. This video highlights what they have endured over the past six weeks of the Summer of 2015, from personal challenges to building camaraderie with their classmates beginning with I-Day’s frenetic processing.

I-Day from USNA AAF

Class of 2019 I-Day

Uploaded by USNA AAF on 2015-08-20.

I-Day from USNAPAO

Class of 2019 Induction Day

Induction Day at the U.S. Naval Academy is an exciting and emotional day – for the new plebes, their families and friends, and for the staff and faculty who have the honor every day of training and educating young men and women to become leaders of our Navy and our nation.