USNA Website Links for Parents (Admissions, Summer Programs, Etc.)

USNA Parent Hub – For Parents of Current and Prospective Midshipmen (Link)

USNA “About” Home Page (Link)

USNA Visit Home Page (Link)

USNA Visitor Center (Link)

USNA Admissions Home Page (Link)

USNA “Steps for Admissions” (sub-page to Admissions Home Page) (Link)

USNA Admissions – General Advice for Grades 9-12 (Link)

USNA Admissions Briefings – Monday-Saturday, 10am & 2pm (Link)  Go to link to learn more and to check holiday exceptions.

USNA Blue and Gold Officers Directory

USNA Summer Seminar (For Rising HS Seniors)  See video below

Are you ready for NASS 2015?

Are you ready for NASS 2015? Naval Academy Summer Seminar (NASS) is a 6 day long event that lets candidates experience life at the Naval Academy. Applications open January 15! To learn more:


USNA Summer STEM Program (Week 1 = Rising HS Freshmen; Week 2 = Rising Sophomores; Week 3 = Rising Juniors).  See video below.


USNA Summer STEM is a great opportunity for 9th-11th grade students who are interested in building, creating, and learning. The camp focuses on STEM activities, and building engineers for the future. Learn more:

USNA Academics Home Page (Link)

USNA (most recent Plebe) Class Portrait (Link)

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