Spirit Spots!

2015 Naptown Funk

Naptown Funk

It’s Saturday, and the Midshipmen have liberty. Let’s hit downtown Annapolis. $0 budget. All Midshipmen cast and crew. Which city is next? Special thanks to the City of Annapolis, the Midshipmen, and the Maryland Avenue and State Circle Association. Directed by: Midshipman Rylan Tuohy Music Production: Midshipman Mark Clanton


2015 Navy/Notre Dame

2015 Navy/Air Force


2014 Army-Navy:  We Give A Ship


Navy Croquet Spirit Spot 2014

2013 Army-Navy:  CNO Army Navy Spirit Spot (GEICO parody)

2013 Army-Navy:  My N-Star was Earned… (USAA parody)


2013:  USS Harry S. Truman

USS Harry S Truman (CVN 75) Army Navy Spirit Video

2013 spirit video from USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75). Some shots were dramatized for effect. All Sailors in this video were in accordance with and upheld all U.S. Navy safety standards.


2013 Army-Navy: The Army Went Down to Philly- Army Navy Spirit Spot

2013: USNA Spirit Spot – Look At Me Now

2013 Army-Navy: USNA Spirit Spot – Suit & Tie [SDB Version]

2012 Army-Navy:  Mother B-Boys Ray Ban Vision

2012:  Gangnam Style

2012:  Top Marines say, “Go Navy, Beat Army”

2012:  Chief of Naval Operations

2012:  USS Forrest Sherman…”Man the Goat!”

2012:  USS Winston Churchill

2011 Army-Navy:  “Party Rock the Army”

2011 Army-Navy:  Spirit Spot #1

2010 Army-Navy:  USS Lincoln Go Navy, Beat Army (featuring CAPN Bill Byrne)

2008:  19th Co. Plebe Haka